Social Media and Success for Independent Artists

Bridge the Atlantic. Webcast interview with Rick Barker.

Image: Bridge the Atlantic. Image extracted from a web interview with Rick Barker. Retrieved from

The relationship between a New Music Business model and independent artists resumes on using the current technology available for promotion. Social media is an essential part of our current technology. It allows artists to level-up the terrain and compete head-on with all major and boutique record labels out there. These labels have financial power to promote and fairly leveling up to them takes skills. Many music business executives are pushing independent artists to engage with our current technology. The broad availability of mobile devices and the access to information on-demand by music fans makes social media and the internet a wonder of the music business world. Social media as a tool makes this wonder, yet the success independent artists depend on learning how to use it effectively.

Rick Barker, former artist manager for the superstar Taylor Swift, is one of the most prominent mentors for independent artists. His experience in the music business and training on social media and content marketing makes Barker on of the most important sources of information for my upcoming article. Artists’ case studies and academic research backs Barker techniques. However, a successful outcome depends on the independent artists’ dedication to shaping social media skills that could potentially expose them to an almost infinite number of potential fans that can rise them to the top of the music charts.

Written by Mario Campani
An entrepreneur and visionary, Campani merges the Old and New Music Business models through synergy. This principle nurtures a dominant trend for independent artists to succeed.